Happy Clients Say:


“We were referred to Farrell from a parent at school this past year. She was described as a “special person”. This description was reinforced upon introduction. Farrell cares truly about her students and goes at their pace of learning. She has a comforting presence that is inviting to all. Her space offers an intimate and quiet setting for students to learn. My daughter looks forward to her lesons during the week and is making great strides thanks to Farrell’s guidance.”

“Farrell is the piano teacher I wish I’d had! Very skilled, very loving, very creative. My daughter genuinely looks forward to her lessons – she feels stretched without feeling stressed.”

“Ms. Farrell has been such a gift to our son and our family. My son is typically shy and slow to open up, but he connected with Farrell immediately. In 2 years he has shown amazing growth in his musical ability. She is patient and kind and a gifted teacher.”

“I have been extremely impressed with the love and devotion Ms. Farrell puts in to teaching my daughter. After the experience we had with two other local piano instructors in the Asheville area, I expected much of the same as we had experienced with them … 25 minute instruction with an instructor who really doesn’t understand or appreciate children. Not so with Ms. Farrell. She is wonderfully patient, meeting the child where they are on that day – never harsh or over bearing. My daughter has come to love Ms. Farrell very much and looks forward to each lesson with passion that is not common for an eight year old. We are very grateful to have her in our lives.” Johanna Y.

“Our daughter started with Ms. Farrell when she was eight years old. She had no prior music training but loved to sing and wanted to play the piano. We have been in awe of her progress! She is sight reading notes and even helping her older sister read notes for her saxophone practice. Our daughter loves to practice and is proud of her accomplishments. Ms. Farrell is a special person who embraces the whole child. Her goal is to teach piano but she always has time for her students to share stories and accomplishments in every area of their lives. Ms. Farrell believes in positive reinforcement and her lesson is the highlight of our daughter’s week.” Cathy N.

“As a teacher, Ms. Farrell recognizes Jaden in his uniqueness. She connects with who he is as a person and makes lasting and real contact with him. She approaches him with love and warmth. These qualities are most important to me because they create a learning environment that encourages him to be himself and to stay in relationship with himself while he learns. She consistently speaks to what is positive about his playing prior to giving him constructive feedback. Her delivery of her feedback is done with such tenderness and clarity; it is an invitation for growing as a pianist and as a person. She shares Jaden’s enthusiasm for music, in particular, the piano, and is not afraid to fully express her excitement. All of these things contribute to his growing self-esteem and assist Jaden in developing a positive relationship to his creativity and to himself as a budding musician.” Chandra P.

“Farrell helps her students believe in themselves. She teaches through encouragement and with a positive approach. Many times I’ve heard my daughter say, ‘Ms. Farrell is the best piano teacher.’ She is incredibly patient and genuinely loves playing duets with the students. She supports and encourages self-exploration, helping students if they want to play something they create.”

“We appreciate how Ms. Farrell fine tunes her teaching and lessons to the needs and ability of the child. She has done a great job at keeping our daughter interested and excited about playing the piano. She has allowed her to express herself and encouraged her creative mind. Ms. Farrell is the perfect teacher for our child.” Gayle B.

“I find Ms.Farrell to be very patient and totally involved. My daughter is doing great under her tutelage!” Lael G.

“Since my daughter has started taking lessons, she has been practicing non-stop. She loves to play! Ms. Farrell is so attentive to her needs that she seems to anticipate her progress. She is a gifted teacher.” Mary M.

“Our daughter loves piano lessons with Ms. Farrell. I really appreciate the positive, encouraging and respectful learning environment that Ms. Farrell provides. She is always applauded for her progress and never chastised or yelled at for failures and has progressed very well under Ms. Farrell’s instruction. I also really like the freedom Ms. Farrell gives her to experiment with different things with her music; to add or change things, add different beats, etc. It seems to encourage creativity and a love of music.” Sandra S.



“Ms. Farrell has been my teacher since I was six. Now I am thirteen. She has supported me along the way to where I feel I am able to write songs and play any piece that I want to. She has helped me learn that if I work hard, then I can succeed. Ms. Farrell is kind to me and whenever I need help, she always understands. Ms. Farrell teaches me so much. Not only do I learn how to play classical music, I can also learn a song of choice. She lets her students learn to play the music they like, which I love. Learning classical music is wonderful, and I enjoy being able to play my favorite songs! I couldn’t ask for a better music teacher. I love playing the piano and Ms. Farrell teaches me so well. I feel that I can play piano and any other instrument that I want. I love piano and I love taking lessons from Ms. Farrell.” Margaret G.

“Ms. Farrell is always encouraging and pleasant. She is very professional, courteous, easy to talk to and a good listener.” (Adult) Sam P.

“She is very positive and affirming, especially for an adult student. I feel cared about. She knows I really want to play well and gives support and encouragement that if I put the time in for practice that I will.” (Adult) Willie F.

“Ms. Farrell is really a great teacher and has taught me so much. Every time we finish a lesson I want to keep going!” Camilla B.

“I like how she teaches the lesson. I like that she’s calm. I liked her the first time I saw her. She is very nice and she’s very smart with piano.” Rachel M.

“My teacher is a teacher with many talents, but her best talent of all is listening to you. She understands what your feelings are about the piece you’re playing. We made a book of hymns because she knew I wanted to play church music. I love being able to play the piano. It has helped me so much with singing at church and school.” Lilly M.